Remote Design Studio

We work with a handful of remote team designers & developers through digital design & engineering work since 2005. Over 10 years of experience, we offered digital design products & services to startups, communities, entrepreneurs, GOV, SMEs's & MNC projects. Our portfolio is exclusive & based on request.

We work with creative projects that provide services and build products at the design agency by Euphorya. We also created Dement Clothing by Euphorya in 2012, a streetwear & lifestyle clothing brand and Ilm Production by Euphorya in 2014, a creator-based production

The remote design studio was founded in 2005 & registered as a business in 2011 by Fajar Siddiq , a serial entrepreneur from Singapore who is creative & passionate about the design & tech industry. He is a self-taught designer & developer who has helped founders and businesses build physical and digital products & services. He also helps other entrepreneurs to create a minimum viable product and branding & marketing. He is passionate, creative & his vision and mission remain as an independent & bootstrapped business working remotely.



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